TS Picks: January 29, 2014

Celebrating lab techs; Myriad settles suits; publish in top-tier journals or perish

Tracy Vence
Jan 29, 2015


Selections from The Scientist’s reading list:

  • Myriad Genetics has been stepping off of its BRCA-testing competitors. Earlier this week, Myriad and a firm it was suing for alleged patent infringement, Pathway Genomics, announced they had settled outside of court. According to The New York Times, Myriad is now “in the process of settling patent-infringement lawsuits it filed against other companies that now offer such testing.” Besides Pathway, Myriad said it has already settled with LabCorp and Invitae, and the company is currently in settlement talks with Ambry, Quest Diagnostics, GeneDx, and Counsyl.
  • Celebrating lab technicians: Nature this week (January 28) spoke with the snake milker, glass blower, and the squid collector, among other unsung heroes of life-science research.
  • “Everything in science is based on publishing a peer-reviewed paper in a high-ranking journal. Absolutely everything,” Retraction Watch cofounder Ivan Oransky told The Washington...