TS Picks: March 2, 2016

Online manuscript-editing marketplace; backyard bald eagles; “take your child to the lab”

Tracy Vence
Mar 2, 2016


Selections from The Scientist’s reading list:

  • Name your price: “Peerwith is a forum through which researchers can find and negotiate with service providers such as editors, translators, statisticians and illustrators to improve their research papers.” —Nature (March 1)
  • More and more bird species are adapting to life in human-occupied environments. Thanks to laws that protect them, The Washington Post reported this week (February 29), some bald eagles are leaving the wild and inhabiting less-rural areas. “[Bald eagles] are coming in on their own and putting their nests in people’s front yards, and in parks and in gardens and things like that. That just didn’t happen in the ’60s and ’70s” before the laws were enacted, Kevin McGowan of Cornell University told the Washington Post. “They’d pick a big tree that was way the heck away from all the people.”
  • The...