Week in Review: April 11–15

CDC says Zika causes microcephaly; antioxidants and metastasis; imaging the brain on LSD; unexplained resilience to genetic disorders; a bacteria-heavy tree of life; assessing the effects of BPA substitutes

Tracy Vence
Apr 15, 2016

Other news in life science:

CDC: Zika Causes Microcephaly
The virus is also to blame for other birth defects, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention concludes.

Zika Seeks, Destroys Developing Neurons
The virus infects and kills human neural stem cells and impedes brain tissue development, according to an in vitro study.

Human Embryos Genetically Edited Again
For the second...

Neuroprosthesis Restores Arm Movement
A 24-year-old quadriplegic man regains control of his arm with a neural prosthetic device.

Retracted Study’s Strategy Resurrected
Researchers replicate the methods used in a falsified 2014 study that claimed short, in-person conversations could sway attitudes on same-sex marriage, this time reporting that the technique worked on people initially opposed to transgender rights.