Week in Review: April 18–22

More efficient CRISPR-based mutation correction; how clusters of tumor cells traverse capillary-like structures; one reason for poor sleep the first night in a strange place; ghrelin promotes fat storage

Tracy Vence
Apr 22, 2016

Other news in life science:

Monitoring Mitochondrial Mutations
Induced pluripotent stem cells—particularly those generated from older patients—should be screened for defects in mitochondrial DNA, a study shows.

Two NIH Labs Cease Reagent Production
Contamination concerns at cell therapy and radioactive tracer facilities spur production shutdowns.

Mapping Worldwide Zika Susceptibility
More than 2 billion people may be at risk, according to a map of global environmental suitability...

Study: “Dirty” Mice More Humanlike
Housing laboratory mice with those reared in a pet store makes the lab rodents’ immune systems more similar to those of people.

Thoughts Derailed
The same brain mechanism by which surprising events interrupt movements may also be involved in disrupting cognition, according to a study.