Week in Review: April 25–29

A look at how the brain processes language; donor fecal microbes coexist with recipient’s own for months; prion-like proteins in plants; telomere length and aging  

Tracy Vence
Apr 29, 2016

First Data from Anti-Aging Gene Therapy
A biotech company reports that an experimental treatment elongated its CEO’s telomeres. 

Locating Language within the Brain
Researchers map the mental semantic systems of podcast listeners.

Transplanted Fecal Microbes Stick Around
Donor bacteria coexist with a recipient’s own for three months after a fecal transplant.

Next Generation: Sperm-Catching Beads
Sperm-binding, peptide–coated beads work as an implantable contraception device in mice and as a means of selecting human sperm for assisted reproduction techniques, researchers show. 

Opinion: Share Data for All Diseases
Along with his recent $250 million donation to cancer research, Silicon Valley entrepreneur Sean Parker emphasized the importance of data sharing.

Other news in life science: