Week in Review: February 29–March 4

Endogenous retroviruses and human immunity; weighing the evidence that talc can cause ovarian cancer; stress and metastasis; risks and benefits of “vaginal seeding” 

Tracy Vence
Mar 4, 2016

Other news in life science:

Study Strengthens Zika-GBS Link
Forty-one of 42 patients diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome in French Polynesia had anti-Zika antibodies.

Giant Virus Has CRISPR-like Immune Defense
The genome of a mimivirus strain resistant to a virophage has repeated phage sequences alongside nuclease- and helicase-coding sections.

Dragonfly is World-Record Flier
Researchers have determined that a diminutive insect out-flies all other winged migrators by traveling thousands of miles between continents and across oceans yearly.

Migrating Monarch Numbers Rebound
The iconic butterflies have flocked to their...