Week in Review: May 9–13

Zika causes microcephaly in mice; studying organoids grown from CRISPR-edited cells; chloroquine combats Zika virus in vitro; narrow-spectrum antibotic spares the microbiome; eukaryotic organism without mitochondria found

Tracy Vence
May 13, 2016

Other news in life science:

A paper-based RNA test may offer a low-cost method for detecting the virus in the field.
Health officials say testing urine as well as blood samples can provide a more accurate diagnosis than screening blood alone.
The proteins could be the key to stopping the transmissible facial tumor disease that is threatening the species.
Hordes of baby sea stars on the Pacific coast survived the summer and winter of 2015—promising news about populations that have been devastated by a wasting disease.
A Louisiana research center is sending more than 200 chimpanzees to a sanctuary in Georgia.