Bio-Rad Launches Bio-Plex Pro Human Immunotherapy Panel 20-plex Multiplex Assay, a targeted tool for researching signaling networks in Immunotherapy Research

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. announced the launch of its Bio-Plex Pro Human Immunotherapy Panel 20-plex, a multiplex immunoassay that offers a targeted approach for Immunotherapy Research.

Jul 17, 2019

Messenger molecules such as cytokines are involved in the communication within the immune system and play a vital role in a variety of conditions including cancer and autoimmune diseases. Advancing discoveries in immunotherapy can be time consuming as existing immunoassay tools may not be tailored to cover specific targets including cytokine targets. The Bio-Plex Pro Human Immunotherapy Panel 20-plex covers biologically-researched cytokine targets that are associated with immunotherapy research.

About the Bio-Plex Pro Human Immunotherapy Panel 20-plex
The Bio-Plex Pro Human Immunotherapy Panel 20-plex is a ready-to-use, 1 x 96-well kit that contains premixed magnetic capture beads and detection antibodies, standards, and buffers that produce results for 20 different cytokines using only 12.5uL of sample. The Bio-Plex Panel maximizes laboratory efficiency by generating key actionable data in a single experiment. The kit is compatible with other Bio-Rad platforms including the Bio-Plex 200, Bio-Plex 3D Systems, as well as all other xMAP platforms.

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