Thought Experiment
Deconstructing the Mosaic Brain
Tom Curran | Aug 1, 2011
Sequencing the DNA of individual neurons is a way to dissect the genes underlying major neurological and psychological disorders.
The Scientist’s Amanuensis
Peter Murray-Rust and Brian Brooks | Jul 1, 2011
A virtual lab—where all sorts of parameters are monitored and recorded—promises researchers a higher degree of reproducibility.
First, Do No Harm…
Jim Woodgett | Jun 9, 2011
Is DNA damage an inevitable consequence of epigenetic reprogramming?
Skeleton Keys
Lewis Wolpert | May 14, 2011
There are a surprising number of unknowns about how our limbs come to be symmetrical.
Medical Publishing for an N of One
George D. Lundberg | Apr 1, 2011
New technologies and mind-sets are required for information delivery in the age of genomics.
The Mark of Faith
Robert E. Kingston | Mar 1, 2011
Testing a central tenet of epigenetic regulation
Do Fruit Flies Dream of Electric Bananas?
Björn Brembs | Feb 1, 2011
Visualizing neuronal activity in small brains over four dimensions
Synthetic Spirits
David Nutt | Jan 1, 2011
Can we use science to reduce the harms of alcohol?