linkurl:1. New moves for myosin; In order to transport intracellular cargo within a cell, the motor protein myosin V walks along actin filaments by sweeping one of its arms over the other in a series of microscopic steps, researchers confirmed using high-speed atomic force microscopy. This highly detailed, real-time imaging also revealed new features of the myosin walk, such as "stomping," where one of the arms briefly detaches from the actin, and then reattaches in the same spot.N. Kodera et al., linkurl:Nature,; 468:72-6, 2010. Evaluated by Thomas Meier, Max Planck Institute of Biophysics; Yamini Dalal, National Cancer Institute; Fred D Mast and Richard A Rachubinski, Univ. of Alberta; Erik Sahai, Cancer Research UK. linkurl:Free F1000 Evaluation; linkurl:2. Eukaryotic ribosome unveiled; The long-elusive crystal structure of the translational machinery in yeast reveals unique interactions within and between the ribosome's two subunits and promises to lead to a better understanding of...
A. Ben-Shem et al., linkurl:Science,; 330:1203-9, 2010. Evaluated by Robert Batey, Univ. of Colorado at Boulder; Dmitri Ermolenko and George Makhatadze, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. linkurl:Free F1000 Evaluation; linkurl:3. Elusive intermediate #1 captured; J. Rittle and M.T. Green, linkurl:Science,; 330:933-7, 2010. Evaluations by Ivo Feussner, Georg August Univ. G?ttingen, Germany; Russ Hille, UC Riverside; Kap-Sun Yeung and Nicholas Meanwell, Bristol Myers Squibb. linkurl:Free F1000 Evaluation; linkurl:4. Elusive intermediate #2 captured; D.M. Korzhnev, et al., linkurl:Science,; 329:1312-6, 2010. Evaluations by Robert Powers, Univ. Nebraska; Mikael Akke, Lund University, Sweden. linkurl:Free F1000 Evaluation; linkurl:5. Ribosome assembly up close; A.M. Mulder, et al., linkurl:Science,; 330:673-7, 2010. Evaluations by Pascale Legault, Univ. Montreal; Mikael Akke, Lund University, Sweden. linkurl:Free F1000 Evaluation; linkurl:6. Growth factor mystery solved; D. Alvarado, et al., linkurl:Cell,; 142:568-79, 2010. Evaluations by Yue Sun and Richard Anderson, Univ. Wisconsin-Madison; Andrew Beenken and Moosa Mohammadi, NYU Langone Medical Center; Arthur Christopoulos, Monash Univ., Australia. linkurl:Free F1000 Evaluation;
Malarial sporozoite
Wikimedia commons: image by Ute Frevert
false color by Margaret Shear
linkurl:7. New class of antimalarial agents; R.A. Oliveira et al., linkurl:Science,; 329:1175-80, 2010. Evaluations by David Triggle, SUNY at Buffalo; Dominique Soldati, Univ. of Geneva; Karin Romisch, Saarland Univ., Germany. linkurl:Free F1000 Evaluation;

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