1. Mechanotransduction proteins foundA family of proteins, called Piezos, has been identified as important players in mechanically activated ion channels, which make possible several senses, such hearing, touch and pain sensation.
Mouse cell nuclei.
Image: Lothar Schermelleh via Wikimedia
T.G. Brott, et al., __N Engl J Med__, 363:11-23, 2010. Evaluations by Felix Viana, UMH Instituto de Neurociencias; Paul Garrity, Brandeis Univ; Bernd Nilius, KU Leuven. Free F1000 Evaluation2. Better nuclei isolationResearchers have developed a streamlined method for tagging and purifying nuclei from specific cell types in vivo, facilitating gene expression and chromatin-modification analyses across a variety of tissue types. The technique uses a nuclear envelope-targeting sequence that fuses to biotin ligase recognition peptide expressed in the target cell. R.B. Deal and S. Henikoff, __Dev Cell__, 18:1030-40, 2010. Evaluations by Eric Lam, Rutgers Univ; Daniel Chamovitz, Tel Aviv Univ; Kay Schneitz, Technische Universitat Munchen; Paul Kaufman, U Mass...
3. Translation goes localJ. Tcherkezian, et al., __Cell__, 141:632-44, 2010. Evaluations by Kristen Kwan and Chi-Bin Chien, Univ Utah; Jacki Heraud and Michael Kiebler, Ctr for Brain Res, Med Univ Vienna, Austria; Wes Kroeze and Bryan Roth, Univ North Carolina; Luc Desgroseillers, Univ Montreal, Canada; Linda Columbus, Univ Virginia. Free F1000 Evaluation4. Guidance proteins in actionH. Liu, et al., __Cell__, 142:749-61, 2010. Evaluations by Yuxiao Wang and Xuewu Zhang, Univ of Tex Southwestern Med Ctr; Prasanta Hota and Matthias Buck, Case Western Res Univ; Guido Serini and Giulio Gabbiani, Univ Geneva. Free F1000 Evaluation5. Hear and now
Colored scanning electron micrograph
of a section through the human inner ear.

©G. Brederg/Photo Researchers, Inc.
K. Oshima, et al., __Cell__, 141:704-16, 2010. Evaluations by Nicolas Daudet and Azel Zine, INSERM U583; Ajay Chitnis, NICHD/NIH; Andy Groves, Baylor Coll of Med. Free F1000 Evaluation6. What makes embryos so stiffJ. Zhou et al., __Development__, 137:2785-94, 2010. Evaluation by John Wallingford, Univ. of Texas at Austin; Ronen Zaidel-Bar, National Univ. of Singapore; Michel Labouesse, Centre National de la Reserche Scientifique, France. Free F1000 Evaluation7. Epigenetics in mindC. Gregg, et al., __Science__, 329:643-8, 2010. Evaluations by Joachim Messing, Rutgers Univ; Yoshiho Ikeuchi and Azad Bonni, Harvard Med Sch; David Sweatt, Univ Alabama at Birmingham. Free F1000 Evaluation

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