linkurl:1. How Tregs limit inflammation; T-regulatory cells can multiply their numbers by secreting the cytokine interleukin IL-35, which converts the population of T-cells involved in killing (effector T-cells) into regulatory cells that suppress inflammation, providing a new explanation for how inflammation is reeled in after an infection is cleared. L. W. Collison et al., "IL-35-mediated induction of a potent regulatory T cell population," linkurl:__Nat Immunol,__; 2010. Evaluated by Avinash Bhandoola, Univ Pennsylvania; Christian Engwerda, Queensland Inst of Med Res, Australia; Lieping Chen, Johns Hopkins Univ Sch of Med; David Serreze, The Jackson Lab; Xiaojing Ma, Weill Med Col of Cornell Univ; Stephen Cobbold, Univ Oxford; Stanley Perlman, Univ Iowa. linkurl:Free F1000 Evaluation; linkurl:2. Fighters in fat; A new type of immune cell dubbed the "natural helper cell," found around the fat stores of the gut, activates B-cells and produces more Th2-type cytokines than other cells, possibly contributing to allergic immunity,...
K. Moro et al., "Innate production of T(H)2 cytokines by adipose tissue-associated c-Kit(+)Sca-1(+) lymphoid cells," linkurl:__Nature,__; 463:540-44, 2010. Evaluated by Avinash Bhandoola Univ Penn; John Gordon Foster and Steve Ward, Univ Bath, UK; Troy Randall, Univ Rochester; Dale Umetsu, Children's Hosp Boston, Harvard Med Sch; Dhaya Seshasayee and Flavius Martin, Genentech; James Di Santo, Inst Pasteur, France; Richard Locksley, UCSF. linkurl:Free F1000 Evaluation;
B cell
Image: Wikimedia
linkurl:3. Directed clean-up; B. McDonald et al., "Intravascular danger signals guide neutrophils to sites of sterile inflammation," linkurl:__Science,__; 330:362-66, 2010. Evaluated by William A Muller, Northwestern Univ, Feinberg School of Med; Samantha Wang and Karsten Gronert, UC, Berkeley; Sharon Hyduk and Myron Cybulsky, Toronto Gen Hosp, Canada. linkurl:Free F1000 Evaluation; linkurl:4. Allergy gets a new look; A.T. Phythian-Adams et al., "CD11c depletion severely disrupts Th2 induction and development in vivo," linkurl:__J Exp Med,__; 207:2089-96, 2010. Evaluated by Thomas Nutman, NIH; Marc A Williams, US EPA; Booki Min, Cleveland Clinic Foundation; Eric Denkers, Cornell Univ. linkurl:Free F1000 Evaluation; linkurl:5. Tracking B-cell movement; G.D. Victora et al., "Germinal center dynamics revealed by multiphoton microscopy with a photoactivatable fluorescent reporter," linkurl:__Cell,__; 143:592-605, 2010. Evaluated by Yinan Wang and Deepta Bhattacharya, Washington Univ in St. Louis; Naomi Harwood and Facundo Batista, Cancer Res UK, London Res Inst; Kai-Michael Toellner, Univ Birmingham, UK. linkurl:Free F1000 Evaluation; linkurl:6. Cancer suppresses immune response; C. De Santo et al.,"Invariant NKT cells modulate the suppressive activity of IL-10-secreting neutrophils differentiated with serum amyloid A" linkurl:__Nat Immunol,__; 11:1039-46, 2010. Evaluated by Dale Umetsu, Children's Hosp Boston, Harvard Med Sch; Alberto Mantovani, Inst Clin Humanitis, Univ Milan, Italy; William Seaman, UCSF. linkurl:Free F1000 Evaluation; linkurl:7. Viruses fueled by recycled materials; N.S. Heaton and G. Randall, "Dengue virus-induced autophagy regulates lipid metabolism," linkurl:__Cell Host Microbe,__; 8:422-32, 2010. Evaluated by Muriel Mari and Fulvio Reggiori, Univ Med Cen Utrecht, Netherlands; P'ng Loke, NYU Langone Med Cen; Joeli Marrero and Sabine Ehrt, Weill Cornell Med Col. linkurl:Free F1000 Evaluation;

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