linkurl:1. SWEET proteins found; new class of proteins, dubbed SWEETs, function as glucose transporters, shuttling sugar molecules out of plant, worm and human cells. In some plants, SWEET proteins are co-opted by bacterial pathogens to deliver nutrition to the invaders. L.Q. Chen et al., "Sugar transporters for intercellular exchange and nutrition of pathogens," linkurl:Nature,; 468:527-32, 2010. Evaluations by Heng-Cheng Hu and Caren Chang, Univ Maryland; Eric Van Der Graaff and Thomas Roitsch, Univ Graz; Michael Gjedde Palmgren, Univ Copenhagen; Giles Oldroyd, John Innes Cen; Julian Schroeder, UCSD; Akiko Sugio and Saskia Hogenhout, John Innes Cen; John Patrick, Univ Newcastle, Australia; David Alpers, Wash U Sch of Med; Bruno Stieger, Univ Hosp Zurich; Tapio Palva, Univ Helsinki; H Ekkehard Neuhaus, Univ Kaiserslautern, Germany. linkurl:Free F1000 Evaluation; linkurl:2. TRIMming retroviral infections;
A space-filling representation of a ubiquitin molecule
Image: Wikimedia commons, Rogerdodd
TRIM5, a ubiquitin ligase...
T. Pertel et al., "TRIM5 is an innate immune sensor for the retrovirus capsid lattice," linkurl:Nature,; 472:361-5, 2011. Evaluated by Qian Yin and Hao Wu, Weill Med Coll, Cornell Univ; Gijs Versteeg and Adolfo Garcia-Sastre, Mount Sinai School of Med; Vojo Deretic, Univ New Mexico. linkurl:Free F1000 evaluation; 3. Immune-driven tumorigenesis?S. Rakoff-Nahoum, R. Medzhitov, "Regulation of spontaneous intestinal tumorigenesis through the adaptor protein MyD88," linkurl:Science,; 317:124-7, 2007. Evaluated by Michelle Rooks and Wendy Garrett, Harvard ; Lora Hooper, UT Southwestern Med Cen, Maria Rescigno, European Inst Oncology; Patrick S Moore, Univ Pitt. linkurl:Free F1000 evaluation; 4. Glucose maintenanceD. Wu et al., "Eosinophils sustain adipose alternatively activated macrophages associated with glucose homeostasis," linkurl:Science,; 332:243-7, 2011. Evaluated by Thomas Nutman, NIH; Dhaya Seshasayee and Flavius Martin, Genentech; Alberto Mantovani, Istit Clinico Humanitis, Univ Milan. linkurl:Free F1000 evaluation; 5. Worm healing details revealedM.J. Broadhurst et al., "IL-22+ CD4+ T cells are associated with therapeutic trichuris trichiura infection in an ulcerative colitis patient," linkurl:Sci Transl Med,; 2:60ra88, 2010. Evaluated by Thirumalai Ramalingam and Thomas Wynn, NIH; Padraic Fallon, Trinity College Dublin; Dhaya Seshasayee and Flavius Martin, Genentech. linkurl:Free F1000 evaluation; 6. Microbiome masteryJ. Qin et al., "A human gut microbial gene catalogue established by metagenomic sequencing," linkurl:Nature,; 464:59-65, 2010. Evaluated by Michelle Rooks and Wendy Garrett, Havard; M?ire Begley and Paul Cotter, Teagasc; Andrew Anfora and Scott Lesley, Genomics Inst Novartis Res Found. linkurl:Free F1000 evaluation; 7. Picking a partnerM. Archetti, et al., "Let the right one in: a microeconomic approach to partner choice in mutualisms," linkurl:Am Nat,; 177:75-85, 2011. Evaluated by Zhanshan (Sam) Ma and Larry Forney, Univ Idaho. linkurl:Free F1000 evaluation;

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