1. How neurons grow There's another layer of complexity in the developing nervous system: Spontaneous neuronal activity can regulate the differentiation of neurons, which can in turn affect swimming behavior in frog larvae. M. Demarque et al., Neuron 2010 Jul 29 67(2):321-34. linkurl:Eval by;http://f1000biology.com/article/9dmj38ygwp234jw/id/4525956 Keith Sillar, University of St Andrews; Judith S Eisen, University of Oregon; Antonia Marin-Burgin and Alejandro Schinde, Leloir Institute ID: 4525956 2. Big role for astrocytes
Neurons transfected with a disease-
associated huntingtin protein

Image: Wikimedia commons, Dr. Steven Finkbeiner,
Gladstone Institute of Neurological Disease
Once thought to be mere supporting cells, astrocytes in the brainstem are highly chemosensitive and appear to play a role in breathing. A.V. Gourine et al., Science 2010 Jul 30 329(5991):571-5. linkurl:Eval by;http://f1000biology.com/article/y6q0m15v8vm52qd/id/4672017 Tom Finger, Univ. Colorado Denver Sch. Medicine; Matt E Carter and Luis de Lecea, Stanford University ID: 4672017 3. Retina, redux Photosensitive ganglion cells, which were only discovered...
J.L. Ecker et al., Neuron 2010 Jul 15 67(1):49-60. linkurl:Eval by;http://f1000biology.com/article/lbszbfynrl77lbp/id/4242997 Roger Hardie, University of Cambridge; Steven Repper, University of Massachusetts Medical School ID: 42429974. Addiction answersF. Kasanetz et al., Science 2010 Jun 25 328(5986):1709-12. linkurl:Eval by;http://f1000biology.com/article/t32xxrvvnvytx0f/id/4077956 Charles Pickens, Donna Calu and Yavin Shaham, National Institute on Drug Abuse; Rainer Spanagel, Central Institute of Mental Health, Germany Pharmacology & Drug Discovery ID: 40779565. Source of mechanotransduction? L. Kang et al., Neuron 2010 Aug 12 67(3):381-391. linkurl:Eval by;http://f1000biology.com/article/vknxgq69shb3p4h/id/4765957 Roger Hardie, University of Cambridge; Paul Garrity, Brandeis University ID: 47659576. How huntingtin hurtsJ.D. Godin et al., Neuron 2010 Aug 12 67(3):392-406. linkurl:Eval by;http://f1000biology.com/article/9wcmbfrz14kg2q9/id/4903959 Monte Gates, Keele University; Mark Fortini, National Cancer Institute ID: 49039597. Mass migration in vivoE. Theveneau et al., Dev Cell 2010 Jul 20 19(1):39-53.linkurl: Eval by;http://f1000biology.com/article/qtljzfwf3dvcjwd/id/4576956 Ravi Desai and Christopher Chen, University of Pennsylvania; Tina Schwabe and Thomas Clandinin, Stanford University ID: 4576956

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