How the sites stack up

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Bob Grant
Bob Grant
May 31, 2007
How the sites stack up
Cost Size Year Pro Con
Konnects free (Basic)
$19.75 / month (premier)
30,000 publically viewable profiles. (Due to privacy constraints, Konnects does not divulge user numbers for private networks maintained by companies or institutions.) 2006 According to Jim Crabbe, CEO of Konnects, the site, "creates private, stand-alone communities." This means that your company, university, or lab can buy space on konnects and the company will customize a private networking site to your specifications that has all the functionality of Konnects' general body of users is somewhat less than other networking sites, partly because konnects is currently geared towards private companies or institutions rather than individual independent users.
LinkedIn Free (Basic)
$19.95 / month (Business)
$50/month (Business plus)
$200/month (pro)
>10 million profiles (600,000+ in life sciences) 2003 The sheer size of linkedin's...