Process Development

In process development, you produce chemical or biological drug candidates at small scale for clinical trials, and develop synthesis and bioprocessing methods for scale-up into commercial manufacturing. It is a growing area that attracts chemists, microbiologists, biochemists, and molecular biologists.

Toby Freedman
May 31, 2008

Personality test
• Do you enjoy the art of mass production? You will develop synthetic routes or bioprocessing steps for drug production.
• Can you do high-quality science, reproducibly, and under a deadline? Timelines are often tight.
• How well can you prioritize? In this job, the goal is to design a safe, quick and efficient manufacturing process.

• Tangible results.
Process scientists find satisfaction in seeing their work directly translated into high-quality drugs.
• Creative work.
You invent methods that may lead to patents, journal articles, or trade secrets.
• Focused, friendly science.
Here, science is like a craft, with a tangible goal, and an atmosphere that is collaborative.

• Occasional long nights.
Due to the processes inherent in the manufacture of drugs, you can spend nights and weekends getting the work done during deadlines.
• Under...