Project Management

Project managers oversee and coordinate the efforts of multidisciplinary projects so teams complete their work in an efficient, timely, and focused manner. This involves leading and managing a team of accomplished people who don't report directly to you, orchestrating schedules, staying within budgets, and handling a variety of personalities.

Toby Freedman
May 31, 2008

Personality test
• Do you like the limelight? This job can be highly visible, but most of the time you are working behind the scenes.
• Are your people skills topnotch? The role involves extensive motivational skills and tact. You will need to be able to resolve problems with diplomacy and identify problems before they occur.
• How organized are you? You need to be highly efficient in your time and organizational skills.

• Visibility.
You'll interact with every department of the company, as well as senior management and corporate partners.
• No dull moments.
From managing egos to resolving technical issues, the problems you'll need to solve will be various and sundry.
• Global and microscopic.
Attention to detail is a must, but you also need to hold on to the big-picture perspective of what it takes for...