Is the Mesentery an Organ?

Watch surgeon Calvin Coffey deliver a TEDx talk on his recent discovery that the large abdominal tissue is a single, coordinated structure.

The Scientist Staff
Feb 19, 2020

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April 2020

Exercise for Cancer

Molecular clues link physical activity to improved patient outcomes


Sponsored Product Updates

DeNovix Launches New RNA Quantification Assay
DeNovix Inc. expands its fluorescence quantification range with the introduction of the new DeNovix RNA Assay.
Horizon Discovery and Pharmahungary report positive early-stage results for novel micro-RNA therapeutic for ischemic heart diseases
Micro-RNA compound found suitable for further development following favorable pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic study results
Horizon Discovery expands cell-based CRISPR screening services
New arrayed B cell CRISPR knockout screening service strengthens support for development of therapeutics for diseases involving the immune system                    ·         First in the market, this unique service complements the Company’s T cell screening service ­
Baker Ruskinn announces a new partnership with Labtech as its full UK Sales and Service Partner, from 1st April 2020
As pioneers of anaerobic and physiological oxygen workstations along with revolutionary portable platforms, it’s crucial that the UK partnership with Labtech not only supports the ground-breaking tools but also the wide range of industries served by Baker Ruskinn.