Lights... Camera... Action!
Beth Anderson( | Sep 26, 2005
Complex systems beg simplification.
How to Build a Cancer Sensor System
Lee Hartwell( | Sep 26, 2005
A Boeing engineer tells me that a modern airplane has about 10,000 sensors constantly recording information, not only to inform pilots about the plane's performance but also to forecast mechanical problems that can be corrected during routine maintenance.
The Inchoate Science of Consciousness
Christof Koch( | Sep 12, 2005
A new scientific field is being born, one that seeks to understand which organisms have subjective states, what purpose theymight serve, and how distinct states of consciousness come about.
The Business of Building Leaders
Benjamin Doranz( | Aug 1, 2005
Cultivating scientific leaders is a bit like drug discovery.
The Next Frontier in Cellular Networking
Herbert Sauro( | Aug 1, 2005
The first statement that usually accompanies a talk or journal article on cellular biology is usually something like, "Life is complicated."
Immunity is the Best Biomarker
John Dunne( | Jul 18, 2005
Faith in the promise of pharmacogenomics has changed the plan for primary healthcare.
Under The Microscope
Stephen Bent( | Jul 4, 2005
A global effort is underway to determine whether embryonic stem cells can be used to treat a variety of conditions, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and Parkinson disease.
Walk Like A Molecular Motor
Paul Selvin( | Jun 20, 2005
Cells are a riot of activity.
The Uncertain Future for Central Dogma
Arnold Goodman( | Jun 20, 2005
Nearly two decades ago, Paul H. Silverman testified before Congress to advocate the Human Genome Project.
Taking Aim at Neglected Diseases
Paul Herrling( | Jun 6, 2005
In Singapore, we have found the best of both worlds.