White Paper
Promoting Integrity in Science Journals
Diane Scott-Lichter | Jan 1, 2007
Integrity begins with a standard, something that's currently lacking, says the Council of Science Editors.
How to Treat Premature Infants
Margaret Brazier | Dec 1, 2006
A Nuffield Council Working Party takes on the ethical issues in neonatal critical care.
The New Federalism in Life Sciences Policy
Melvin L. Billingsley and Michele M. Washko | Nov 1, 2006
What states and the Federal government should do to ensure progress in the life sciences.
Meeting of the Minds
Tinne Vandensande, Michael Rogers, and Stef Steyaert, on behalf of the Meeting of Minds Steering Committee | Oct 1, 2006
37 recommendations Europeans came up with when they gathered to talk about brain science.
Save our Data!
The Plant Genome Database Working Group | Apr 1, 2006
Here's how to prevent critical biological data repositories from disappearing into the ether
A 10-Step Plan for Better Postdoc Training
The Postdoctoral Fellows Focus Group | Jan 1, 2006
The research environment has evolved; it's time for the postdoctoral experience to do the same