Researchers commonly use high-throughput screening, especially in cancer research, to identify elements that modulate a given biomolecular pathway, which provide leads for drug design and development. Three Prime Repair Exonuclease 1 (TREX1), the main exonuclease responsible for degrading cytosolic DNA, plays a pro-tumorigenic role by inhibiting innate immune responses to tumors. TREX1 cleaves phosphodiester bonds from the 3’ termini of dsDNA and ssDNA, releasing mononucleotide 5’-monophosphates. This mechanism provides an opportunity to identify lead compounds that act against TREX1.

Download this poster from BellBrook Labs to learn about the Transcreener dAMP Exonuclease Assay, a robust and reliable tool for TREX1 inhibitor discovery.

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