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Thursday, October 27, 2022 
11:00 AM-12:00 PM ET 

Protein oligomerization is central to many cellular processes; however, capturing and characterizing native protein behaviors in solution can be challenging. Mass photometry is especially suited for identifying and quantifying the relative abundance of a protein’s oligomeric states, including rare species. ­­Automated mass photometry builds on these strengths, enabling researchers to streamline protein oligomerization screening from sample preparation to data capture, allowing rapid, autonomous measurement of multiple samples with low sample consumption. 

In this webinar brought to you by Refeyn, Gareth Rogers will present data on two studies where the automated mass photometer, TwoMP Auto, was used to evaluate the oligomeric status of proteins when subjected to varying experimental conditions, such as varying pH levels or addition of an oligomerization inhibitor.

Topics to be covered

  • The applications and capabilities of mass photometry and automated mass photometry
  • How scientists use mass photometry to characterize a protein’s oligomerization behavior
  • How automated mass photometry streamlines research requiring repeated measurements

Gareth Rogers, PhD
Director of Product Management Bioanalytics

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