Building on the success of CAR T cell therapy for treating blood cancers, researchers are developing NK cell therapies that employ the natural ability of these immune cells to eliminate abnormal cells in an antigen-independent manner. Scientists typically expand NK cells from stem cell sources, such as cord blood, peripheral blood, induced pluripotent stem cells, and human embryonic stem cells, or NK cancer cell lines. However, the conventional process of human NK cell expansion faces unique cell culture challenges for clinically relevant applications, including a particular need for modularity, standardization, and scalability.

Watch this webinar from Thermo Fisher Scientific to discover 

  • The potential of NK cells as an off-the-shelf therapy
  • How to expand human NK cells in various scale up bioreactors for clinical applications with Gibco™ CTS™ NK-Xpander™ Medium
  • How the flexibility and modularity of the Gibco™ CTS™ Rotea™ System can be used to standardize large scale wash and concentration of leukopaks and expanded NK cells

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