Regarding the article "Minorities move ahead by inches,"1 maybe the problem can only be effectively addressed by the redefinition of minorities, cast in terms of culture rather than race:

Minority: Person or persons retaining customs and practices at odds with that of society at large.

Although this view is distinctly at odds with multiculturism, it is distinctly preferable to the currently widely held view that differences in achievement are due to racial characteristics. Further, it can be easily shown that, historically, over generations the following cultural characteristics will result in groups that are more successful in every way:

  • Emphasis on strong family ties and support
  • Strong value placed on education and self-reliance
  • Reward by merit rather than political force
  • Protection of individual liberties

In all fairness, each should be free to follow whatever cultural traditions he/she wishes, as long as you do not intrude on others. With...

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