This webinar will be hosted live and available on-demand

Thursday, February 23, 2023 
2:30 PM Eastern Time 

The tumor microenvironment (TME) is a dynamic, complex system characterized by cellular, molecular, and architectural heterogeneity. Such heterogeneity is responsible for disease progression and makes treatment response difficult to predict. While single-cell analysis remains the most reliable approach for uncovering cellular heterogeneity, it requires tissue dissociation to obtain viable single-cell suspensions, resulting in the loss of TME spatial context. Recently, this limitation has been overcome by integrating single-cell data with spatial analysis of intact tissues using automated cyclic fluorescent staining. 

Topics to be covered 

  • Research workflow for sample preparation and single-cell analysis of dissociated solid tumors
  • Spatial localization and analysis of proteomic markers in intact tissue sections
Nikolai Slavov, PhD

Maria Elena Gallina, PhD
Marketing Product Manager
 Miltenyi Biotec, Inc.

Pontus Nordenfelt, PhD

Amy Jablonski, PhD
Technology and Applications Specialist
Miltenyi Biotec, Inc.

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