A Teacher to Remember

I am very glad to see you giving Roger Williams1 his due. I often think of him when individual differences in response to medications are mentioned, but this is the first time I have seen him mentioned and given credit. I took his course in biochemistry in 1954, and we were well exposed to his star diagrams of individual differences. He did have one characteristic that was irksome to students: On the first day he told us we didn't have to memorize the structural formulae of the amino acids, but on the first test he asked for them. When queried about this discrepancy, he said that he had expected us to learn them, not memorize them. He did this to make a subtle point, which to him was important.

Thomas Gregg
Department of Zoology
Miami University
Oxford, Ohio

1. R. Gallagher, "Individuality and medicine,"...

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