Date: February 15, 1999Table of Robotic Liquid Handler Manufacturers and Table of Pipetting Robots
Cytotoxicity studies, ELISA assays, apoptosis assays, peptide library screening--these and many other assays are now performed without human intervention by automated liquid handling systems. Continuing evolution of these machines has produced some very capable and powerful robots, increasing assay throughput to dramatic levels.

In this profile, LabConsumer examines the automated liquid handler and the role it plays in laboratory automation and robotics. While most automated liquid handlers readily function in a stand-alone mode, they typically form the core around which larger automated, robotic systems are built. These systems often screen thousands of compounds daily for receptor binding activity or enzyme inhibition properties, for example, or they can set up and analyze thousands of ELISA assays per year. Even though these systems play integral roles in tasks such as drug discovery and the Human Genome Project,...

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