Volume 16 | Issue 13 | 8 | Jun. 24, 2002

Awash in DNA News

By Barry A. Palevitz

Like most writers, I wield a mean scissors. I love to clip articles from assorted newspapers, magazines, Web sites, and research journals. Who knows, I tell myself, maybe the flotsam and jetsam will come in handy some day. Sometimes the clippings sort themselves into meaningful piles (I gave up file cabinets years ago) that turn into stories. Consider the following items:

  • Craig Venter, the ex-guru of Celera Genomics, had better follow a straight and narrow path. Having sequenced his own DNA for the company's contribution to the Human Genome Project, he made himself the most identifiable person alive. Cops can easily trace Craig through a bit of spit, blood, or hair.
  • In a Herculean effort, forensics experts--including some at Celera--used DNA evidence from reference samples and victims' remains,...

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