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          June 2024 issue crossword
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1. Members of the Pseudomonas genus, for example
5. Hypothesis
8. Signaling pathways that can be turned on and off
9. Ampere or angstrom
11. Inhibiting of cell growth and division
14. Freedom from illness or injury
15. 1/360 of a degree
17. Gut flora, e.g.
20. Fossil fuel variety
21. Left over
22. Structure also called a cilium
23. Solar system orbiter that’s smaller than a planet


1. Substance that turns red litmus blue
2. Helical structure
3. Data scrambling that protects privacy
4. Crystalline mist
6. Organ given for transplant, for example
7. Medicines used to treat heartburn
10. Make more efficient, as a process
12. Element or compound
13. Garments worn by physicians and researchers
16. Threadlike tissues
18. Prefix with immunity
19. Wasn’t colorfast