I cannot agree that, "Science's pivotal role is to...convince both Congress and the public to reduce CO2 emissions. . . ." (P. Smaglik, The Scientist, 12[1]:1, Jan. 5, 1998). The role of science should be to research the global warming problem and lay out all of the relevant facts. The article fails to mention:
  • That the warming of the past 100 years occurred before 1940, well before the bulk of the greenhouse gases had been emitted;
  • That it was followed by a cooling in both hemispheres lasting some 30 years;
  • That the global climate has been cooling for the past two decades, according to weather satellite data and independent measurements from balloon-borne radiosondes; and
  • The increasingly accepted evidence that solar variability may be at least as important as any human influence on climate.

Unfortunately also, the article fails to do justice to Richard Lindzen's idea that...

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