AUTHOR: Martin L. Stephens, pp.12

Patrick Cleveland accuses me of "artful use of language" (The Scientist, May 31, 1993, page 12) in my defense of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) against his mischaracterization of the organization (The Scientist, Feb. 22, 1993, page 10). Yet his verbal attacks border on McCarthyism, with the suppression of animal rights activism being the new goal.

His main thesis is that HSUS is now a radical animal rights

organization seeking to abolish all animal research and differing from other such organizations only in tactics. In Cleveland's view, HSUS's humane education efforts to nurture compassion and kindness become "attempts to redefine human moral value systems" and therefore should be examined to see if they are "brainwashing our children."

The two most defining aspects of HSUS in the area of animal research are our current policy and programs. Cleveland ignores both. Instead he cites,...

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