Selected Reading
By M. Tevfik Dorak


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Applied Biosystems

Idaho Technology,
Roche Applied Science



Orchid Biosciences, Beckman Coulter

Applied Biosystems

Further Reading

J.B. Fan et al., "Highly parallel genomic assays," Nat Rev Genetics, 7:632-644, 2006. [PMID: 16847463]
Not only discusses the DNA array technologies for genotyping, also reviews genomic profiling on SNP-CGH (comparative genomic hybridization) arrays, sequencing and gene expression arrays.

C.D. Mamotte, "Genotyping of single nucleotide substitutions," Clin Biochem Rev, 27:63-75, 2006. [PMID: 16886048]
A highly illustrated, detailed and extensive review of genotyping methods.

F.J. Steemers, K.L. Gunderson, "Whole genome genotyping technologies on the BeadArray? platform," Biotechnol J, 2:41-49, 2007. [PMID: 17225249]
A detailed, well illustrated report on Illumina?s BeadArray platform and its use in genotyping as well as detection of chromosomal...

A.C. Syvanen, "Accessing genetic variation: genotyping single nucleotide polymorphisms," Nat Rev Genet, 2:930-942, 2001. [PMID: 11733746]
Discusses biochemical reaction principles, assay formats, detection methods of genotyping schemes and provides a side-by-side comparison of a comprehensive number of platforms with plenty of illustrations.

Z. Tsuchihashi, N.C. Dracopoli, "Progress in high-throughput SNP genotyping methods," Pharmacogenomics J, 2:103-110, 2002. [PMID: 12049172]
Discusses the genotyping methods suitable for high-throughput including pyrosequencing, mass spectrophotometry and FRET, bead and array-based methods.
My website with dozens more resources on real time PCR.

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