Dan Eramian Scientific discovery takes long periods of trial and error. When you uncover enough new rules that work, you have a scientific revolution. Every time a big change like this happens in science, we have a fancy word for it: a new paradigm.

Every day we are discovering new rules for biotechnology. Sometimes we explore down a dead end; other times, we uncover a new mystery. This is the nature of scientific discovery; it can't be rushed. Look what happened in the Aesop fable about the tortoise and the hare: The tortoise prevailed because he took a slow and sure approach to running the race. Those of us in the biotechnology industry must take the tortoise's approach to establishing and publicizing our paradigm. We must clearly communicate what we are about. If we stay quiet-or if we over-reach or make boastful claims and don't deliver-we may inadvertently foster superstition, confusion, resistance...

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