This webinar will be hosted live and available on-demand

Tuesday, June 27, 2023 
2:30 PM Eastern Time 

Western blotting is a powerful and important technique that researchers in basic and clinical research laboratories use to detect and quantify proteins. While the method is highly popular, it is often challenging to generate reproducible and reliable results. In this Technique Talk, R. Hal Scofield will provide hints and tips for obtaining the best possible data using current methods and avoiding common pitfalls.

Learning Objectives

  • The basic requirements for generating clean and reproducible qualitative and quantitative western blot data
  • How to deal with low abundance proteins
  • Keys to distinguishing between two proteins with similar molecular weights
  • Steps for minimizing non-specific signal
R. Hal Scofield, MD

R. Hal Scofield, MD
Member, Arthritis and Clinical Immunology Program
Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
Professor, Department of Medicine
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
Associate Chief of Staff for Research and Staff Physician
Oklahoma City US Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center

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