For this article, Jennifer Fisher Wilson interviewed Richard J. Roberts, chief U.S. editor of Nucleic Acids Research; Alex Bateman, group leader of Pfam at the Sanger Institute in Cambridge; and Peer Bork, head of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory's SMART team in Heidelberg, Germany, for SMART. Data from the Web of Science (ISI, Philadelphia) show that Hot Papers are cited 50 to 100 times more often than the average paper of the same type and age.

All four Hot Papers were published Jan. 1, 2000, in Nucleic Acids Research.

D. A. Benson et al. "GenBank," 28:15-8. (Cited in 188 papers)

A. Bairoch and R. Apwiler, "The SWISS-PROT protein sequence database and its supplement TrEMBL in 2000," 28:45-8. (Cited in 286 papers)

J. Shultz et al., "SMART: A web-based tool for the study of genetically mobile domains," 28:231-4. (Cited in 201 papers)

A. Bateman et al., "The...

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