By Eric Albert

1 Sugar in honey
5 Muscle-bone link
10 Pertaining to an organism's chemical processes
11 Foreign tissue
12 Fourth most common element in the Earth's crust
13 Refer to the literature
14 Femto x 1,000
16 Region, in mathematics
21 Milk disaccharidase
23 Extrachromosomal bacterial DNA
25 British magnate who founded a scholarship
26 Substance obtained from red algae
27 Donee
31 17 Down of 1 g of fat liberates about 9.5 of them
32 Place in one's heart
33 Egg membrane
34 Basic
1 System containing the amygdala
2 Vivo's counterpart
3 Ear piece
4 Second most common element in the Earth's crust
6 Start of a conclusion
7 Enzyme that joins Okazaki fragments
8 Essential plant macronutrient
9 ___CoA (Krebs cycle compound)
15 Femto x 1,000,000
17 See 27 Across
19 Coagulum
20 Blood vessel where blood pressure is lowest

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