crossword answers

1. Largest class of the animal kingdom
5. Cell nuclear division method
9. Plasmid, perhaps
10. Elephant named after a planet
11. It carries the code to the cytoplasm: abbr.
12. Blood Group
13. Brain protector
15. Malignant connective tissue tumor
16. Kind of T Cell
18. Egg that has not yet undergone maturation
20. Hydrocarbon of the methane series
23. Chlrophyta, for example
24. Whale: pref
25. Sodium chloride
27. Sexual reproduction
28. Attraction toward or away from a stimulus
30. Release, as a gland does
31. One who undergoes a treatment

1. Nonpolar protein amino acid: abbr.
2. Operant conditioning pioneer
3. Carboxyl group
4. ____cyclase (enzyme that converts ATP to cAMP)
5. PC add-on
6. Graft
7. Epilepsy attack
8. Selected segment of a population
11. Quantity o fmatter in a body as measured by its inertia
14. Enzyme that elongates new DNA
16. Viral disease characterized...

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