A robotic arm in a laboratory.
Remote labs often include automated tools, such as this robotic arm in one of the Accelerator Consortium’s self-driving laboratories.
University of Toronto 

Cloud-based systems enable remote science experiments, allowing researchers to accomplish experimental breakthroughs from virtually any location with computer access. Remote labs and cloud-connected instruments are revolutionizing the way researchers approach benchwork, improving scientific discovery and education by enabling accessible and automated workflows.

In this episode, Deanna MacNeil from The Scientist spoke with Mohammed Mostajo-Radji from the University of California, Santa Cruz; Brandon Sutherland from University of Toronto’s Acceleration Consortium; and Dana Cortade from Align to Innovate, to learn about connecting experiments to the cloud with remote research technologies.

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     Mohammed Mostajo-Radji, PhD

Mohammed Mostajo-Radji, PhD
Assistant Research Scientist
Director, UCSC Live Cell Biotechnology Discovery Lab
University of California, Santa Cruz

     Brandon R. Sutherland, PhD

Brandon R. Sutherland, PhD
Director, Research Operations
Acceleration Consortium

     Dana Cortade, PhD 

Dana Cortade, PhD
Technical Project Manager
Align to Innovate