In their public statements, the spokespersons of both academic establishments that are now bitterly fighting the so-called science wars (science-practice and science-studies) either state explicitly or imply (incorrectly) that the conflict began less than five years ago.

Examples: Science-practicer Paul R. Gross ("The So-Called Science Wars And Sociological Gravitas," The Scientist, April 28, 1997, page 8): "Only recently . . . within the last five years. . . has serious notice been taken, by a few scientists and other scholars, of the [anti-science in science studies] phenomenon." Science-studier Sheila Jasanoff ("Is Science Socially Constructed?", Science and Engineering Ethics, 2:263-76, 1996): "I would not have predicted five years ago that people who do science and people who study science's place in society could ever find themselves in . . . conflict."

There are on record other commentators who ought to have known better but regrettably seem to have...

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