"I lost concentration and began to think of our scholarly daughter working at Yale on a project called Zinc Fingers scanning a protein with pseudopods each with a trace of zinc that latch on to our DNA and help determine what we become."

--From Zinc Fingers, Peter Meinke

 "GREEN" FINGERS: Zinc finger- based artificial transcription factors (background) have been applied in plants such as Arabidopsis thaliana (foreground). Reprinted with permission, Curr Opin Plant Biol, 6:163-8, April 2003.

For some, the mention of zinc fingers fosters tasty images like ladyfinger- layered tiramisu or thin pieces of crispy fried chicken. For Meinke, zinc fingers are pure poetry. But only time and clinical tests will tell if zinc fingers, DNA-binding motifs with a zinc-ion core, can herald a new treatment for coronary and peripheral artery disease. A new drug, proposed by researchers at Sangamo Biosciences, Richmond, Calif., is just one of...

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