Begging Your Pardon, Ma'am

The article title to your recent Frontline1 is an obvious derivative of "wham, bam, thank you ma'am." I was highly offended that you would think that this phrase is appropriate for your issue. This phrase has a derogatory sexual connotation that no person with good manners would bring up in polite conversation. How could you think that your readers, especially women, would NOT be offended by this? This article title brings journalism to a new low. Please hire more talented writers/editorial staff, and give them all some sensitivity training. There are many ways to give an article or story a title that conveys the essence of the article without being crude in the process.

I would have shared the article with friends that have an interest in invertebrates, but am too embarrassed and angered by the title to do that.

Virginia Heatwole, PhD
Rockville, MD...

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