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SOFTWARE WATCH | Sequence-Analysis Beerware

DNA sequence analysis software needn't be expensive. For a decade, molecular biologist Kjeld Olesen has spent much of his spare time developing pDRAW32, a free sequence-analysis software package for Windows PCs. Researchers can perform restriction enzyme analyses, edit sequences, create plasmid maps, cut and ligate "in silico," analyze GC content, make homology plots, and select primer sites from a user-specified database. Now in version 1.1.60, pDRAW32 ( even has a feature that creates a virtual gel. "It's designed to assist the molecular biologist in what he does when he's working in the laboratory."

Olesen says he started developing pDRAW32 because 10 years ago, the only available applications had to be accessed through remote servers using UNIX. Though he's unsure how many researchers use the software, Olesen...

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