Examples of public "demagoguery" that you quote in your editorial1 are quite conspicuous. Unfortunately, your appeal to "our most eminent researchers" to "lead the debates on the scientific merits of stem cells" in existing situations will only make things worse; that is, decisions less rational and public confidence more abused. The problem is that "our most eminent researchers" are mostly a thoroughly corrupt crowd, who put their personal financial interests, including gains in the companies they own and ever-increasing public funding of their research, above any honest assessment. As long as our academic institutions remain indifferent to, or even encourage, the widespread conflicts of interest, "eminent researchers" should be kept away from public discussions.

Alexander Kolchinsky, PhD
Health Front Line, Ltd.
Champaign, Ill.


I just read your "Discussion Good, Dumbocracy Bad" editorial1 in the June 16 issue of The Scientist. Contrary to the thrust...

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