LICORbio, formerly LI-COR Biotechnology, a global pioneer in life science instrumentation, recently launched a pair of brand-new Odyssey® F biomolecular imaging systems. Both models will provide researchers with significantly faster scans, greater value and expanded assay support, as well as the unparalleled dynamic range and data confidence they have come to expect from LICORbio.

“The Odyssey F represents the next generation of LICORbio’s foundational Odyssey product family,” said Mike Furtaw, director of research and development at LICORbio. “These industry-leading optical imaging systems will address our customers’ need for greater imaging speed, application versatility and multiplexing capabilities in both the visible and NIR range.” 

For decades, LICORbio has pioneered the development of groundbreaking near-infrared (NIR) biological instrumentation. Their imagers have been proven to achieve the highest data fidelity, with more than 40,000 articles in peer-reviewed publications citing their use. Some of the most well-known names in science have published using LICORbio products, including several prestigious research institutions and major pharmaceutical companies. 

LICORbio’s new Odyssey F imagers will be available in two distinct models featuring either three or 10 available channels. Both models can complete scans twice as fast as the current industry-leading point scanner, and significantly faster than competitive laserbased instruments. 

The three-channel, dual-NIR-laser Odyssey F provides greater throughput and higher performance than other imagers, and the best opportunity for quantitative imaging. With the addition of two visible fluorescence lasers, the 10-channel Odyssey F adds powerful multiplexing capabilities for plate-based assays, slide imaging and more. 

“Our goal is to provide our customers with greater flexibility in choosing the right solution for their lab’s unique needs,” said Katie Schaepe, director of marketing at LICORbio. “The Odyssey F imagers will enable more researchers to explore new opportunities while also ensuring confidence, reliability and data integrity. LICORbio is committed to improving the human condition by supporting scientists every step of the way, and the Odyssey F embodies that commitment.”