The New Viobility ™ Fixable Dyes from Miltenyi Biotec allow the swift discrimination between live and apoptotic or dead cells by flow cytometry. The three dyes react with the primary amino groups of proteins. Optimized for various fluorescence channels, they are available from now on.

Miltenyi Biotec has developed the Viobility ™ Dyes for the verification of and differentiation between living and dead cells. The dyes react with the primary amino groups of proteins and can permeate the weakened cell membranes of apoptotic and dead cells. This makes it possible to measure the viability of a cell by using a flow cytometer, regardless of whether fixed or unfixed cells are analyzed. 

The three new flurophores, which are derived from the Vio ® Dye Family, are optimized for various fluorescence channels: 

  • Viobility ™ 405/425 Fixable Dye (EX.: 405 NM, Em.: 452 nm)
  • Viobility ™ 405/520 Fixable Dye (EX.: 405 NM, Em.:...

It is particulary in comparison with established dyes such as propidium iodide (PI) taht the Viobility ™ Dyes can display their advantages. Firstly, they don't have toxic effects on living cells. Secondly, they show less spillover into other fluorescence channels. In addition, Viobility ™ Dyes facilitate higher flexibility in the design of antibody panels because they are available for various excitation and emission wavelenghts. 

All three dyes are available from Miltenyi Biotec in quantities sufficient for 100 or 500 tests. 


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