Researchers have regressed human stem cells to an embryonic state using just a single transcription factor, as opposed to the four factors previously needed to induce pluripotency in human cells, according to a study published online today (August 28) in Nature.
Human embryonic stem cells
Image: Wikimedia commons,
Nissim Benvenisty
"This is another important milestone of [stem cell] research," linkurl:Kwang-Soo Kim,; a stem cell researcher at McLean Hospital of Harvard Medical School, wrote in an email to The Scientist. "This elegant work further advances the already fast-moving field and demonstrates that human [induced pluripotent stem (iPS)] cells can be generated with [a] minimal number of retroviral vectors," added Kim, who was not involved in the work. Earlier this year, linkurl:Hans Schöler; of the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Biomedicine in Münster, Germany, and his colleagues succeeded in using just a single transcription factor, OCT4, to revert mouse...
OCT4OCT4KLF4OCT4c-MycThe Scientist

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