Midland, Ontario, January 9, 2023

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The Scientist proudly launches Journal Club, a webinar series led by our readers that connects researchers to a diverse audience of life scientists. Through Journal Club, scientists have a chance to showcase their recently-published research to The Scientist’s readership.

The Scientist’s Journal Club presents highly innovative molecular biology research conducted by members of our audience. To join our lineup of speakers, scientists first submit an application with the details of their recently-published work. These applications will be evaluated by our team of PhD-trained science writers with the goal of finding studies that relied on interesting methods and technologies to advance a wide range of research fields.

Researchers selected to participate will record a 15-minute presentation with the help of The Scientist’s webinar team. The Scientist’s Scientific Services team is also available by request to assist with presentation preparation. The final presentation will then appear as part of an upcoming Journal Club webinar series.

To reach a wide audience, The Scientist’s webinar team will provide ample promotion for the event, as well as promotional graphics, tips, and tricks to speakers so that they can invite colleagues to the talk.

To participate in Journal Club, researchers are invited to apply at https://the-scientist.com/journal-club. The submission deadline for the first series is February 28, 2023, with more events to follow.

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