The Faculty of 1000 is a Web-based literature awareness tool published by BioMed Central. It provides a continuously updated insider's guide to the most important peer-reviewed papers within a range of research fields, based on the recommendations of a faculty of more than 1,400 leading researchers.

Each issue, The Scientist will publish a list of the 10 top-rated papers from a specific subject area, as well as a short review of one or more of the listed papers. We will also publish a selection of comments on interesting recent papers from the Faculty of 1000's output. For more information, visit

First came DNA methylases; then, histone deacetylases. Chromatin specialists thought they understood the steps to explain epigenetic regulation of gene expression: DNA gets methylated, recruits histone deacetylases, and together these two systems button down chromatin and silence expression (See Hot Papers "The Complexity of Gene Silencing")....

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