RNAi: Five Tips to Better Silencing - Table 4: Selected Online siRNA-Design Tools
AmbionsiRNA Target Finderwww.ambion.com/techlib/misc/siRNA_finder.html1
GenScriptSiRNA Construct Builderhttps://www.genscript.com/ssl-bin/app/rnai?op=known
siRNA Target Finderhttps://www.genscript.com/ssl-bin/app/rnai3
Block-iT RNAi Designerhttps://rnaidesigner.invitrogen.com/rnaiexpress/NA
Scionics Computer InnovationDeqorhttp://cluster-1.mpi-cbg.de/Deqor/deqor.html4
Sigma Proligo
siRNA design toolwww.proligo.com/pro_primprobes/PP_07-1_DS-siRNA.html5
University of TokyosiDirecthttp://design.rnai.jp/6
Wadsworth Center,
New York State Dept. Health

Whitehead InstitutesiRNA Designhttp://jura.wi.mit.edu/bioc/siRNAext/8,9
Wistar Institute
siRNA Selectorhttp://hydra1.wistar.upenn.edu/Projects/siRNA/10
2. A. Reynolds et al., "Rational siRNA design for RNA interference," Nat Biotechnol, 22:326-30, 2004.
3. L. Wang, F.Y. Mu, "A Web-based design center for vector-based siRNA and siRNA cassette," Bioinformatics, 20:1818-20, 2004.
4. A. Henschel et al., "DEQOR: A Web-based tool for the design and quality control of siRNAs," Nucleic Acids Res, 32:W113-20, 2004.
5. T. Tuschl et al.,...

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