I worked in the lab for 15 years before surrendering to an administrative job. I've tried explaining to my nonscientific friends that just because I wear jeans and sneakers every day, doesn't mean that I'm not working or that I'm not incredibly stressed or challenged. When they ask why I prefer going home to change before meeting for a drink somewhere, I'd say I just couldn't wear that to the lab. Although they assumed it was because of chemical or biological spills (partially true), it is mostly because I know I have to fit in, and I don't want to hear, "Why are you all dressed up? Where are you going?"

I E-mailed the article1 to a friend, and I hope that it will make my explanations to her more credible! Thanks, that was fun reading.

Susan Garfinkel, PhD

Office of Research Integrity Division of Investigative Oversight Rockville, Md....

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